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Welcome to TDA Vietnam!

First of all, on behalf of TDA Vietnam, I would like to send you respectful greetings and wishes for health and success.
TDA Vietnam was established in January 2020 in Hanoi, is an enterprise operating in the field of offshore IT and developed in the form of a lab model towards the Japanese market.
TDA Vietnam always tries to develop and perfect each day to provide appropriate technology solutions, which are highly appreciated for service and quality of work, becoming a strategic partner for customers.
At TDA Vietnam, the success of our customers is also our success. All members are always striving to bring a better choice to everyone so that offshore services not only stop at developing customers’ ideas but also create new values ​​together with customers.
That is the culture we built from the first days of establishment. A culture always puts Company and customers first, above personal interests. A culture that takes unity, enthusiasm, and transparency as part of its core values. A culture that always values ​​social and economic responsibility. A culture we can be proud to dedicate to enduring.
Going forward, technology continues to be at the heart of many breakthroughs and has a real global impact. We hope to have the opportunity to accompany you on that important journey.

Thank you for your attention.

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Le Minh Khoi


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Senior management of TDA Vietnam with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm

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Senior management of TDA Vietnam with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm

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